Oskia Floral Water Toner Różany Tonik Do Twarzy O Działaniu Nawilżającym 30Ml



Treat your skin to the calming and soothing properties of OSKIA Floral Water Toner, a delicate and refreshing face toner made from pure organic Rose Hydrolat which has been distilled from fresh, hand-harvested organic petals. Hand-harvesting their roses to prevent petal-bruising (which can affect the gentle perfume and delicate actives), the soothing toner delivers a softening and conditioning effect to leave skin feeling nurtured and comfortable. Nourishing and brightening, the face tonic also contains a blend of MSM, Rose Water, Hibiscus and Vitamin B5 deliver hydrating and rejuvenating benefits while helping to calm signs of redness and irritation. An essential step in your cleansing routine, the toner will leave skin feeling refreshed and conditioned.

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